Rent & Let

Hair & Beauty chair

Maximise on your empty chair

It is estimated that there are 52,000 Hair & Beauty salon across the UK, 30% of them have one empty chair or more for endless reasons from stylist being off or having misjudged the business flow

Nonetheless, why not take advantage of rent & let as you go and maximise on your empty chair for daily rent or for a permanent rent. Rent & Let for a start-up business, is a golden opportunity that helps to reduce some of the overheads expenses and also create the right atmosphere because an empty shop in not inviting

Book a chair for few hours

With Rent & Let the chair can be rented for daily use!! for few hours Or for the whole day, to those freelancers that might have a need for a professional and comfortable place to perform a demanding service [[ photo shooting for a portfolio or a demanding customer ]] Daily rent gives the Owner chance to be in control of the chair and assess the suitability of the freelancer in the eventuality of an agreement for a permanent chair rental.

Rent & Let as you go

Rent & Let as you go it gives Freelancers the chance to utilise the commodity of a salon service if a difficult client needs more attention or a difficult colour correction needs the attention required or for a photo shooting where such a service can be performed.