Styzeler Privacy Notice


Date Published: 30/9/2020


At Alchemy Styzeler Recruitment Agency L.t.d, we appreciate the importance of safeguarding your personal information. To that end, we’re committed to processing your information diligently, and in compliance with the applicable data protection laws and regulations which govern how we operate.


This Policy details our practices in respect of the personal information which we collect, distribute, secure and store about our associates, business partners and customers, with whom we have, or are contemplating having, a professional relationship.


We collect and process data from you, as an individual. Some of this data is collected through your various interactions with the Web site, or through the services which we provide via the Website. Most of the data is provided by you directly.


The personal information we collect

This information includes your:

1.     Audio recordings.

2.     Email address.

3.     Employment history.

4.     Full name.

5.     Home address / business address

6.     Phone number.

7.     Video footage.

8.     Business address


Our reasons for collecting personal information

Freelancer, We need to collect this information to:
We need this information to evaluate your suitability for job
We use your personal information to inform the salon owner about the persons who are looking to be placed for temping work

BUSINESS OWNER We need to collect this information to:
We need to collect business and personal information to notify the candidate about job placement and location


What we do with your personal information

We store it using Google, WhatsApp, Drop box, SSL, which uses end - to - end encryption to guarantee safety and security in collecting, distributing, securing and storing all the information received. We will never send your personal information to any third party without your explicit, written consent; and we do not rely upon automated decision – making processes.

How we protect it

All data you provide is kept secure and anyone that handles this data has a commitment and the necessary training to keep your information private and secure. We have a number of policies and procedures in place to ensure that data is handled correctly and kept secure and we have implement the necessary technical controls to support these.

·                Security Response Plan Policy

·                Clean Desk Policy

·                Email Policy

·                Encryption Policy

·                Removable Media Policy



The length of time for which we keep your personal information

We will retain your personal information for one (1) year after the date of last contact.


The persons who can view your personal information

They are as follows:

. Administrators and webmasters of our website.

. Members of the office.

. Our candidates.

. Our company director.

. Our salon owner.


Your rights in relation to your personal information

You can, with a S.A.R. Subject Access Request, request (in relation to the personal information we have on file for you):

a.     a copy of it;

b.     initiate legal proceedings against us and/or the Information Commissioner’s Office;

c.      issue a complaint against us with the Information Commissioner's Office about us;

d.     raise an objection with respect to how we collect, distribute, secure and store it;

e.     retain it, but not use it for any purpose;

f.       send a copy of it to another organization;

g.     that we amend and/or update it;

h.     that we delete the whole or part of it; and/or

i.        withdraw your consent for us to process it (provided however that our legal basis for collecting, distributing, securing and storing it is your consent).

Other matters which you must be aware of

Kindly bear in mind that we will make all reasonable efforts to continue to safeguard your personal information if we suffer a data breach and, because of that breach, your data is affected in a way that adversely impacts on your personal freedoms, life and

If you wish to arise a compliant with the Information Commissioner’s Office about us. If you wish to do this then follow the instructions here: You also have the right to complain to ICO if you feel there is a problem the way we are handling your data


Our contact information

If you have any comments, concerns or questions about this Policy, you are more than welcome to contact us via email at, or via telephone at [0207 566 3898].


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