What is Styzeler Agency?
Styzeler Hair & Beauty Agency is a leading digital agency offering freelancers for Hair and Beauty/spa  salons for short or long periods of time, either temporarily or permanently

What level of skills do Styzeler’s freelancers have?
Styzeler freelancers have been thoroughly screened to ensure that they meet the Styzeler philosophy
Styzeler freelancers have a broad range of experience in editorial, fashion and mostly salon based work experience. For full information follow the link to their personal profile on the Styzeler Web page

What services does Styzeler offer?
Styzeler offers a wide range of skilled Hairstylists, Beauty therapists, Male grooming / Barber and wedding stylist, whether you need to oversee a Salon waiting list or a team to deliver an event.
For event please contact the Agency at wearestyzeler@gmail.com

What is Styzeler interviewing Policies and Procedures?
Styzeler Agency implements a three steps interview, Presentation, Technical, and Theory.
The interview will be handled through a video tread test; this will allow Styzeler to be confident that any of our Candidates will shone the Styzeler name.

How to apply?

Follow the registration steps once all the required info have been filled in, the Agency will review the application and the video tread test before the Freelancer profile will go live on the site,
Contact the agency if needed more info

Video trade test
Styzeler Hair and Beauty agency requires a trade test video to assess each freelancer’s skills and personality for Fair use and fair dealing. \We require
A clip of maximum five minutes, including a personal presentation and a technical presentation the theory skills will be assessed through the whatsapp applications

Beauty trade test video 
For Beauty application
We require
Personal presentation, a brief introduction of yourself
Technical presentation,  a Seated back massage a mini facial, and a gel manicure or eyelashes extension

Hairdresser trade test video
For hairdresser
We require
Personal presentation, a brief introduction of yourself
Technical presentation,
A head mannequin can be used to showcase your skills based on your services
COLORE. Highlights and Balayage can be combined
CUT. Free choice between Square layered, Round layered, Bob, graduated Bob.

Barber video trade test
For barber
We require
Personal presentation, a brief introduction of yourself
Technical presentation
Skin fade, Comb over Scissors

Can I set up my own price?
The Agency has a price guideline to follow for fare trade, which has three prices level to choose

How to use the website?
Create an account to browse the freelancers profile you can see their latest work and reviews.
Creating an account is easy and simple it would not take more than few moments and ensure we have all the details we need to process a booking

Why create an account?
To use the site you need to create an account this allows you to receive bookings as a Freelancer or make a booking as a Salon owner

How to make a booking?
Booking can be made through the site. Choose  the category, then browse the freelancers  check their reviews and likes, select your  freelancer to check  their latest work  and further personal info, to make the booking select the day to see availability, once the booking is made you will receive a confirmation with the booking details

Can I place a freelancer on hold?
A freelancer can be placed on hold. The booking needs to be confirmed or cancelled 48 hours prior to the booking

What does it mean to be on hold?
The option /on hold / gives the chance to the Salon Owner to monitor the flow of the Salon booking and make a decision  either to confirm or to  cancel the booking 48 hours prior to the booking

Can I make last minutes booking?
You can make a last-minute booking from 8 am to 9.30  am

What does it mean to be on call?
Not having received a booking for the next day a Freelancer can choose the option / on-call / they would be available until 9.30 am for a booking.

How long a freelancer can be booked?
A freelancer can be booked for a short period of time or undetermined time upon in agreement with the freelancer

Can I cancel a booking?
On hold booking can be cancelled 48 hours before the booking date; a normal booking can be cancelled 24 hours before the booking date

What is the charge for late cancellation?
On hold booking, there is no cancellation charge; it cancels automatically if not confirmed 48 hours before the booking date, normal booking needs to be cancelled 24 hours before the booking date in failing to do so the Agency reserves the right to charge 50 % of the agency fee

How to make multiple bookings for an event
Multiple booking for the same date, location and time, can be scheduled by following the booking instruction

How much is the fee for a booking
The booking fee is divided into two payments, the agency’s service which is a daily standard fee of £25 plus vat for any freelancer,
the freelancer’s service is based on experience so therefore each freelancer will show their daily fee on their profile page.
For more info about agency fees and booking events please e-mail the agency at wearestyzeler@gmail.com

How do make the payment for the service?
Payment will be invoiced to the salon owner. From the agency, for the agency service.
And from the Freelancer for their service.
Payment made within 7 days from receiving the invoice

Can a salon owner offer an employment contract to a freelancer?
For more info about employing a freelancer refer to, Terms of Services paragraph 18/19/20/21

Is there a fee for employing a freelancer?
To employ a Freelancer refer to, Terms of Services paragraph 20 / 21 for rebates and fee

Do freelancers have their personal public Liability Insurance?
All freelancers have their own personal Public Liability Insurance    

Rent & let?

Rent & let it is Styzeler free service for Salon Owner to maximise on their empty chairs for more info contact the agency on wearestyzeler@gmail.com

Book a chair for few hours?

With Rent & Let freelancers can book a chair for daily use or for few hours for demanding services or demanding customer

Rent & Let a chair?

The agency does not charge any fee to list a chair to salon owner or to freelancer for renting a chair for more info contact the agency on wearestyzeler@gmail.com

Fee, payment for a chair rental

The fee is agreed between salon owner and freelancer paid to the salon owner from the freelancer